Security advices

Unfortunately, there are a lot of frauds in the world wide web. In order to be protected a little bit better we recommend you to consider the following security advices.

1. Unrealistically low price

If the price for a centrally located flat share room in comparison to the one of other users offers is ridiculously low, care should be taken. These supposed bargains are mostly attempts of fraud. Therefore it's always worth informing oneself about the average prices in the corresponding quarters.

2. Demand of (international) payment or money tranfer by western union / paypal etc.

Typically, fraudsters are currently on a business trip or have other excuses for not being able for a personal hand-over of keys. Therefore they ask for an advance payment for your rent or deposit, many a time by western union, paypal or similar. Mostly, these are fraud attempts.

We highly recommend to visit the corresponding flat share room and to get to know the room mate / landlord prior to the execution of the payment. The hand-over of keys mostly takes places personally. The deposit has to be paid on a blocked account (that bears your name) only after the signing of the contract.

3. Text and picture don't fit

Fraudsters often upload pictures from foreign ads and complement these by copying a text not necessarily related to the ad. If the text doesn't fit to the picture or suggests a translation by google translator, it could be a fraud attempt. Furthermore an uncorrect description of the neighborhood is always suspicious. With the help of google maps or street view the validity of the neighborhood description can easily be checked.

4. Copy of ID card / pass

Never send a copy of your personal ID card / pass as it could be used in an abusive manner by fraudsters. They use the copy to take on your identity in order to win other users confidence.

5. Contact requests via skype / English e-mails

International fraudster gangs mostly live abroad and therefore suggest to communicate via skype in order to establish proximity.

Typically, the requests and e-mails are written in bad English (with bad use of grammar). Always refuse this kind of contact requests.
In order to maintain a high quality level on roomtake, we highly depend on getting informed in case of fraud suspicion. This allows us to block the user and to limit fraud on roomtake as far as possible.