About us

Initial Position

Flat shares are a great form to live and enjoy life. Usually, flat shares are difficult to find as there is a huge demand, especially in the city centers. Unfortunately, in Switzerland most of the sites mediating flat shares are not specialized on flat shares, others are not well structured. Furthermore, a lot of published rooms are not anymore available and no customer service is provided on the flat share platforms. This makes it even harder to find the flat share of your dreams.


roomtake is a platform specialized on the mediation of flat shares. Our aim is to resolve the above mentioned problems or at least to minimize the problems searching a new flat share or flat mate. We intend to provide a simple and clearly structured site, as well as a good customer service.

Who we are

roomtake belongs to markecy Ltd. liab. Co., which was founded in the beginning of 2015. We are a young team, which also was opposed to the problems finding a flat share. We hope to provide a service which makes the search for a flat share in Switzerland substantially easier.