Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers in the area of accommodation. They try to exploit people's good faith or naivety. Advance payments are typically to be made to a foreign bank account, but the keys are never handed over afterwards. Particular care must therefore be taken in this area. Please take note of our security advice to be better prepared against possible fraud and to be able to detect it at an early stage.

In the past, there have also been repeated attempts to commit fraud with roomtake, which unfortunately cannot be completely prevented. In the course of the relaunch in 2020, roomtake has taken an additional measure to increase the security of all users. The measures taken are as follows:

SMS registration

To register for the use of roomtake, it is not sufficient to enter an e-mail address. Because these can be created very quickly and easily, fraudsters open up multiple email addresses with free email providers. Thus, if users were banned from roomtake in the past, a further abusive advertisement with a different name and e-mail address appeared shortly afterwards. The telephone number indicated at the time of registration did not exist. It is now mandatory to enter a mobile phone number. Roomtake sends a confirmation code to the given number, without which the use of roomtake would not be possible. The registration is only possible once per number.
If this measure is still not sufficient to limit fraud, further measures will be taken and implemented.