Finally! A new room in a flat share has been found and the move is imminent. So that you do not experience any unexpected events around the move, you should consider the following points:
Checklist before the move
  •     Signing of the new rental agreement
  •     Termination of the existing rental agreement, if applicable
  •     Deregistration at old commune of residence (incl. dog, if available)
  •     Communicate change of address to the military, civilian service or civil defence services
  •     The road traffic licensing department must be informed in the event of a change of canton
  •     Get in touch with the school authorities when children are of school age
  •     Submit redirection order to the post office
  •     Inform electricity, water and gas companies to read the meter reading
  •     Inform telephone, TV and Internet providers about changes of address
  •     Communicate change of address to Serafe
  •     Change the address as well: Employer, doctor, dentist, bank, compensation fund (retired and self-employed), health insurance, insurance, newspaper, associations
  •     Obtain a permit if the public area is used for a longer period at the time of the move
 On the day of the move
  •     Hand in your old apartment and sign the list of defects
  •     Deliver the key of the old apartment
  •     Receive the keys of the new apartment
  •     Check the apartment for damage and record this in the list of defects
 After the move
  •     Register with the new commune within 14 days (incl. dog, if available)
 In addition, one shoud inform oneself about waste disposal and recycling at the new location. The list above is based on experience only. roomtake does not guarantee its completeness.