Rent per month1350.-

  • Hegibachstrasse 77
    8032 Zürich, Switzerland
  • Start of rental 06. Nov 2021
  • Room 1 / Your room 17m2
  • Roommate 1


Roomtake · at 06. Nov 2021 published

Hegibachstrasse, 77, 8032 Zürich, Switzerland

Sanitary and heating

Did you know?

Are you studying and looking for a shared room in the immediate vicinity of your university? Or would you rather live in company than alone in a studio? In both cases, a room in a flat share is recommended. This modern form of living combines various advantages under one roof: the costs are divided by the number of residents and furniture for the general area has to be purchased only once. In addition, one gets to know many interesting people through the flat mates and their friends and lives constantly in company. Thus, the next conversational partner and problem solver is in the immediate vicinity.

A flat share is a coexistence of several people in the same apartment, who are neither related nor dependent on each other. roomtake offers a free platform for the simple search of shared rooms of all kinds. Various filter options are available to restrict your search. This allows you to define the criteria for a flat share or a new roommate beforehand. The simple contact with an integrated chat is the first step into the new life in a flat share.

In addition, roomtake offers comprehensive security control, whereby fraud cannot be ruled out but can be minimized. For the security of all users, landlords of a flat share rooms must upload both an ID copy and a selfie including the ID card. In this way, roomtake takes action to make the search even safer. Nevertheless, all offers for shared rooms should always be viewed with common sense, as too attractive offers are usually an indication of fraud.

More and more people are striving to live in a flat share. They are becoming increasingly popular in several European countries such as Switzerland. On the one hand, this is due to the limited living space in central locations in cities such as Zurich, Basel and Berne. As a result, rental prices have risen steadily in recent years and decades. For this reason, it would often be impossible to finance apartments without sharing them. On the other hand, forms of work and housing have also developed considerably. While working without a fixed workplace and changing cities in independent offices is increasing, the same degree of flexibility is often sought and found in shared flats.

The purpose-oriented flat share offers the highest degree of flexibility. This is primarily about reducing costs without having to assume the usual obligations in a shared flat. In addition to the usual tasks in everyday housing, these include willingness to compromise, a high degree of flexibility and tolerance. In addition, time should be devoted to the common good, at least in all forms except for the purpose-oriented flat share. All other types can be found here.