Rent per month1295.-

  • Bächlerstrasse
    8802 Kilchberg, Switzerland
  • Start of rental 14. Nov 2021
  • Room 1 / Your room 16m2
  • Roommate 1


Roomtake · at 15. Nov 2021 published

Bächlerstrasse, 8802 Kilchberg ZH, Switzerland

Sanitary and heating

Did you know?

Finding a room in a shared apartment can be very time-consuming, especially in large cities like Zurich. In a first step, advertisements have to be searched on various free advertising platforms. Since these websites are often not specialized in flat share rooms and it is difficult to narrow down the search results, the search is even more complicated. Moreover, even when contacting someone, one does not know whether it is a real advertisement or a fake offer. Viewing appointments often have so many interested parties that getting to know the potential roommates is almost impossible. But it is a good relationship with the roommate which forms the basis for a well-functioning flat share life.

roomtake strives to solve or at least minimize the problems associated with finding a shared room. That's why our brokerage platform offers everything in relation with the search of a flat share. This allows us to offer a tailor-made portal for finding flat share rooms. All published offers are checked manually by our employees for content and form. In addition, an official document as well as a selfie including the same document must be uploaded in order to contribute to the security of all users on roomtake.

A flat share refers to the cohabitation of at least two unrelated persons who are neither financially nor otherwise dependent on each other. But how does a typical resident of a shared flat actually look like? Unfortunately, this cannot be answered in general, since there are many different types of flat shares. What used to be a form of housing for students, with which they were able to reduce their rent expenses, nowadays also enjoys great popularity in other sections of the population. The reduction of costs is often only a secondary effect. Typical flatmates should first and foremost enjoy living together with other people with whom they want to share common experiences and emotions. In this modern and social form of living you get to know many interesting people through your flat mates and their friends.

However, living in a shared flat also entails obligations. For example, with the exception of the purpose-oriented flat share, it would not really be conducive if every inhabitant were to lock themselves permanently in their room in order to prevent or minimize social contact. Because by doing so, the "soul" of a shared flat would be lost. Further obligations are a greater willingness to compromise and a higher degree of flexibility and tolerance, especially in dealing with the flat mates. Where several people live together, there are many potential conflict situations. These can also be reduced in advance to a minimum by carefully selecting the flat share or the flatmates. Common interests and similar values, including the ones of living together, are particularly helpful.