Rent per month890.-

  • Grossacherstrasse 43
    8634 Hombrechtikon, Switzerland
  • Start of rental 01. Jan 2022
  • Room 1 / Your room 32m2
  • Roommate 1


Roomtake · at 10. Nov 2021 published

Grossacherstrasse 43, 8634 Hombrechtikon, Switzerland

Sanitary and heating

Did you know?

A room in a centrally located flat share is the first big step towards independence for many young people. This is probably one of the reasons why the term "flat share" arouses positive emotions and memories in many of us. Funny experiences as well as important insights into life take many of these times with us. But flat shares are no longer exclusively for young people. This form of housing is also attracting increasing interest in the majority of other population groups.

Especially in central locations of large cities such as Zurich, Geneva, Berne, Basel, Winterthur, St. Gallen or Lucerne, shared flats are widespread. On the one hand, this means that people living in flat shares can reduce costs because the rent can be divided by the number of residents. The furnishings for common areas such as kitchen, living room or bathroom also only have to be purchased once. On the other hand, one is in a permanent society in which both positive and negative emotions can be shared. If problems of any kind should arise, a potential listener and / or problem solver is already available in the immediate vicinity.

There are several traps lurking in the flat share search for which one is better prepared. First of all, everyone interested in a room in a shared flat must be aware of whether this form of housing suits to oneself. One of the most important basic prerequisites is the joy of other people and social exchange. Group evenings in front of the TV, animated discussions at the dining table or joint culinary experiences in the kitchen are much more enjoyable for a typical person living in a flat share than the complete isolation in their own room. If this condition is met, the search for a suitable room in a shared apartment can begin. It is advisable to become aware of the types of shared flats in order to prevent problems later on. This is because the different types differ greatly in some cases.

In this way, the search results can be further restricted. On "roomtake" it is even possible to search for a radius, which only takes into account flat shares within a certain radius'. The search results can also be displayed on a map, which is especially helpful for a quick overview. If an interesting flat share room or a possible roommate is discovered during the search, an application should be sent as complete as possible, including a good description and photos. The more precisely a housing application is formulated, the greater the chances of success.

Particular caution is required with so-called fake advertisements. These are offers created with the intention of cheating on other users. roomtake makes increased efforts in this area to limit the abuse of flat share rooms as far as possible. Therefore, all advertisements are checked manually and blocked in case of suspicion. In addition, however, each user bears a self-responsibility. Too attractive offers are often an indicator of fraudulent advertising.