Rent per month650.-

  • Güterstrasse 32
    3008 Bern, Switzerland
  • Start of rental 01. Aug 2021
  • Room 1 / Your room 50m2
  • Roommate 1


Roomtake · at 17. May 2021 published

Güterstrasse 32, 3008 Bern, Switzerland

Sanitary and heating

Did you know?

On roomtake you will find a wide range of flatshare rooms. Are you looking for a room in a flat share or alternatively a new roommate for your flat share? Then you've come to the right place! roomtake allows you to filter the search results in a targeted way, so that nothing prevents you from finding a new flat share room or a new roommate. At roomtake you can find your new room for free, quickly and easily.

A flat share consists of at least two persons who are not dependent on each other and who are typically not related. Flat share rooms are either rented for a limited or unlimited period of time. Temporary tenancy agreements are typical when flatmates want to return to their room after a predetermined period of time and therefore only advertise it for subletting. Indefinite tenancy agreements include a notice period of three months. However, it is also possible to agree on a different period of notice.

Flat share rooms are extremely popular in Switzerland, especially in the city centres of larger cities, where living space is very limited. In Zurich, Berne, Basel, Winterthur, St. Gallen or Lucerne, rental prices for apartments have risen significantly in recent years, so that flat shares are the best option especially for younger people with a limited budget. In addition, many people also appreciate the social exchange and shared experiences of living together. It is also more fun to cook together than to prepare something yourself. In this type of accommodation, you should therefore not constantly withdraw into your private room, unless this is accepted or even desired by the flatmates.

In order to find the ideal roommate for the flat share, the interests and ideas should be clearly communicated when looking for a room. Thus, there will be no misunderstandings later on, which could make living together more difficult. Therefore, advertisements must be filled in as precisely as possible, both with regard to offers and requests. A detailed description and upload of photos are essential. As with a job application, complete and interesting applications enjoy higher chances of being selected. But also, the character of each individual has to fit into a flat share. Tolerance, flexibility and willingness to compromise are the basic prerequisites for each flat share.

There are numerous forms of different types of flat shares. Not only students with a limited budget but also an increasing number of people of all ages rent a room in a flat share, so that they do not have to live alone in an apartment. That is why not only students but also professionals, senior citizens or single parents with children are looking for flat shares. Only in the so-called purpose-oriented flat share the reduced costs are the only focus of attention. This form is particularly suitable for people who want to keep the costs as low as possible, but without having to accept the usual obligations of a flat share.