Rent per month860.-

  • Tscharnerstrasse 28
    3007 Bern, Switzerland
  • Start of rental 16. Nov 2021
  • Room 1 / Your room 18m2
  • Roommate 1


Roomtake · at 16. Nov 2021 published

Tscharnerstrasse, 28, 3007 Bern, Switzerland

Sanitary and heating

Did you know?

Are you a student and looking for a room in a flat share for your studies? Or are you looking for a roommate for your business flat share? In both cases your are right with roomtake. roomtake is an intermediary platform for rooms in flat shares, primarily in Switzerland in cities such as Basel, Bern, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Winterthur or Zurich. Thanks to the integrated search engine and the help of google maps, you can filter your search results optimally and display them on a map to have a perfect overview of the situation. If the desired flat share rooms are not yet visible, you can start a search request and you will be informed immediately if a flat share or a roommate meets your search criteria. The more precise your details are recorded, the higher the chances of finding your flat share or roommate. You should be able to give precise information about the rental period and define the location and type of the apartment in advance.

It is not easy to find a room in a flat share in the centre of Zurich, because the competition for rooms in attractive locations at good prices is very big. It is not uncommon for potential interested parties to queue up at the viewing appointment in order to be able to take a look at the apartment from the inside. It is therefore often impossible to get to know the candidates and make a good selection. Consequently, it is advisable to limit the number of candidates in advance so that only flat mates with similar interests and views are accepted into the closer circle. In this way, potential misunderstandings can be eliminated from the outset, which could become a problem in the daily life of a flat share.

The question always arises as to whether a flat share is the most suitable form of housing at all. All the residents of a flat share benefit from advantages such as reduced costs or social exchange, but at the same time they must be prepared to put their personal interests behind them. Flexibility, tolerance and willingness to compromise are in any case characteristics which every inhabitant of a flat share should bring along. It goes without saying that everyone takes part in the common duties and at the same time does not isolate oneself in one's shared room.

Are you still convinced and would like to rent a room in a flat share? Then have a look at the many different types of flat shares. However, there are very special forms that severely restrict the number of candidates from the very beginning. An overview of the most common shapes can be found here. The purpose-oriented flat share is the big exception among the different types, since only rental costs are to be reduced in this form.