Women's flat share

The men have to stay outside in the women's flat share, because only women or girls are accepted as new housemates. And this can also be quite meaningful, since there are a ton of explanations about why men do not understand women. Even though the theories are quite far apart, at least some of them have to be true. Therefore, women often feel more comfortable when they live in the same apartment with other women and are not disturbed by boys. At least no woman misses a man pissing standing up, who lacks the insight to sit down better for cleaning reasons.

Similar to the men's flat share, we also present different types of flat-sharing communities within a women's flat share:

Series flat share: In this flat share you meet at least once a week or even better several times in the evening to watch series. In the past, the days were determined by the program on television, and Mondays and Tuesdays were quite suitable for watching more episodes of the favorite series with the flat mates. Nowadays, with streaming services such as Netflix, popcorn and Moscato are available on alternate weekdays, as you can watch series whenever you want. The danger for serial junkies is even greater, because the addiction potential is just as great as the available supply - namely huge! The evenings fly by. It is also much more fun to look at the series together with the flat mates and to experience and share the evoked emotions together. This type of flat-sharing community would also be conceivable for a men's flat share, but the series selection would probably be different.

Styling flat share: Residents of this flat share like to clean themselves out for going out (or alternatively also for everyday life) and take themselves accordingly time for it. All the better, then, if you get not only your own styling products, but also those of your flat mates, who are also available with help and advice. On the one hand, new make-up or styling tips are taken up, on the other hand, the cooperation is also perfect for reviewing the week and discussing about everything. In this apartment, nobody leaves the house badly styled.

The two different types of flat-sharing flats are intended to illustrate the need to find female flat mates within a women's flat share who fit their own character and share the same interests. As in almost all flat-sharing communities, flexibility, acceptance and tolerance are absolute prerequisites in a girls' flat share.

The women's flat share is the right thing for you in the following case: You are a woman and feel most comfortable with other women in your apartment. You appreciate the social exchange with roommates and feel at home in this communicative form of living.