Senior flat share

The senior flat share is a relatively new form of housing. As a result of demographic change, there are nowadays more elderly people, while at the same time their life expectancy is steadily increasing. Many people are still in top shape when they reach retirement age, but would like to live in company. In a senior flat share, elderly people live together in a flat, so that they do not have to deal with everyday life on their own. There is a private room, while the common rooms such as kitchen, bathroom and living room are shared. The social and common factor is the most important driver for the establishment of a senior flat share.

In contrast to other forms of flat shares, external services such as nursing care are often used in a senior flat share especially with increasing age. However, there are always more and more independently organised senior citizens' flat-sharing communities which are not dependent on external help. Since roomtake is a portal specialising in the placement of flat shares and does not offer care services, the following remarks refer only to the autonomous form of senior flat shares. In these, the flat mates are potential problem solvers and help if necessary. This allows all residents of the senior citizens' community to maintain independence from external services for as long as possible.

The geographic location of the senior flat share is particularly important. Ideally, the flat share room is ideally located close to shopping facilities, public transport, medical care and recreational areas. Short distances are extremely important in the medium to long term to maintain independence. In any case, the apartment itself should be designed to be barrier-free, so that mobility aids can also be used without any problems should they become necessary one day.

An interesting addition to the senior flat share are young people who live together with older people who are not related to them. Such a flat-sharing community is then called differently, namely multi-generational flat share. The advantages of living together with different generations are obvious: each generation benefits from the other, as they are in a different phase of their lives and have different qualities and challenges to overcome. For this reason, different generations complement each other perfectly.

The senior flat share is the right thing for you in the following case: You are a "best ager", as marketing professionals like to call seniors. You value living with other people of your age and don't want to live alone. Adapting a daily routine of the last few years is no problem for you. You are also tolerant and willing to compromise.