Purpose-oriented flat share

The purpose-only-oriented flat share stands in total contrast to all other forms of flat shares. While the other flat share types focus primarily on social aspects, this is completely different in this form. The sole objective of a special-purpose shared apartment is to reduce rent costs. To put it bluntly, it does not matter at all who lives in the other shared rooms, since social and regular contact are not the primary goal of living together. However, this does not mean that the exchange is undesirable, as long-standing friendships can also develop from a purpose-oriented flat share. In contrast to all other forms of shared housing, however, there are only few or no social obligations. The principal obligation is already settled with the share of the rent payment.

A purpose-only-oriented flat share is often sought if the distance to work or university cannot be overcome on a daily basis. This means that a shared room is used as an overnight accommodation during the week. However, the primary residence is not to be abandoned, which is why rental costs will continue to be incurred. The monthly total costs would be even higher in connection with the transport costs for the journey to work. Since a room in a shared apartment is typically cheaper than apartments that are not shared, a purpose-oriented flat share is required in this case.

Others would not like to enter into unpleasant social commitments within a flat share because their professional or academic activity is so challenging that they want maximum flexibility in their free time. Other reasons for a purpose-oriented flat share are temporary stays or an increased travel volume. In these cases, it would be impossible to fulfil the wishes of the flat mates in terms of social exchange.

Rising rents in city centers and the shortage of housing near the city center also reinforce the trend towards purpose-oriented flat shares, as housing in these regions would no longer be financially viable, especially for single parents. In agglomerations and rural areas, the scarcity is not yet quite so great, at least in Switzerland, which is why there are (still) fewer purpose-oriented flat-shares.

The precondition for a successful purpose-oriented flat share is given if all parties strive for a reduction of costs and inform each other transparently beforehand. Because it is often wrong expectations that lead to dissonance in the course of living together. It is therefore better to communicate your ideas clearly before signing the contract.

The purpose-oriented flat share is the right thing for you in the following case: Your daily work or travel activity does not allow you to enter into the social obligation of a "normal" flat share. Alternatively, if you would like to benefit from lower rental costs, but you are not interested in the normal living in a shared flat. In addition, a purpose-oriented flat share only works with people who also aspire to this form of living.