Men's flat share

The selection criterion for a men’s flat share is easily ascertainable: gender. But as with other shared flats, the choice of a roommate must be made carefully, as many different interests can be pursued within a men’s flat share. All have the basic prerequisites in common that apply to all flat-sharing communities, namely flexibility, acceptance and tolerance.

In order to emphasize the diversity of the different men's flat shares, different types within this category are presented here.

Sport is the program: Athletes who actively engage in sports and/or passively consume sport gather in this flat share. Tuesday and Wednesday are traditionally reserved for the Champions League, where people meet in front of the TV and watch the games critically. The Ronaldo-Messi discussion is more interesting than the chicken-egg theme. The philosophical discussion is at most about the current sports events or the local sports results of the last weekend and their effects on the league table. Joint active sports activities strengthen the feeling of belonging together.

The gamers: A supposedly bad day becomes one of the best if the roommate can be beaten in the internal console duel. The rivalry is so great that the shared living room is confiscated late into the night without realizing it. Time flies fast. Provocative comments to tempt the other person are suppressing profound conversations, at least as long as the console is running. Teamwork is strengthened during joint online sessions in which the protagonists communicate from their individual room via headset.

The BBQ pros: Summer at last! Since the build-up phase for a six-pack was not initiated in time, the BBQ season is now priority number one. Nothing is as masculine as grilling and no one can do that better than men. In this phase of the year, the pizza delivery service has a hard time. Every single ray of sunlight is used to heat the grill and remove the beers from the fridge. Enjoying the time together on the balcony, terrace or on the waterfront means a true quality of life.

These very stereotypical and partly exaggerated descriptions of a men's flat share should not be taken too seriously. However, they make it clear how important it is to select a roommate with common interests so that living together can function better.

The men's flat share is the right thing for you in the following case: You consider men to be more uncomplicated and want to share common interests with your flat mates. A purpose-only-oriented flat share is therefore not being considered as an alternative.