Flat share for students

The final secondary-school examinations (or the Matura in Switzerland) has been completed. After a few weeks of relaxing holidays or strenuous temporary work, your studies are beginning. For many, the most exciting years of their lives lie ahead.

Since most degree programmes take place in large cities, the following question must be answered in advance: Do I leave the "Hotel Mama" or do I dare to step into the first "own" apartment? The budget of students is typically quite limited, so that financially it would not be more than renting a studio or a 1 room apartment. A good alternative are the flat-sharing communities.

If a flat share is found near the university, the laborious commute could be eliminated. In this way, several problems can be solved at the same time: students avoid getting up early - which is not so popular - because the journey to university is much shorter. This results in more sleep, party or learning. Added to this are the savings in transport cost.

In addition, a move out from home is the first giant step into the big, wide world and therefore into independence. Even if in retrospective perspective, certain everyday tasks do not turn out to be as exciting as originally intended. However, if you can share your first experiences with other students, this will lead to great learning effects or funny situations.

Student flat shares are popular because the residents of the flat shares find themselves in the same phase of life and are confronted with similar challenges. In addition, students can plan their free time flexibly compared to working people. This creates more space for shared experiences. These are reduced to an absolute minimum in examination phases. The stress of the exams leads to locked shared rooms or to study sessions in the library. This period of social isolation is often compensated by equally long celebrations or intensive travel.

Students can better understand the different cycles of other students, making it easier to live together. As it is often the case, the basic prerequisite for a common roof over one's head is the financial aspect. However, as all costs can be shared, shared flats are such a popular form of accommodation among students who can manage their share with a side job or family support.

The Student Community is the right place for you in the following case: You are a student and want to share this unique time with other students. The lecture-free time is to be enjoyed to the fullest, while during the examination phases everyone can withdraw into their room without any misunderstanding on the part of the others.