Business flat share

The business flat share is probably the newest kind of all shared flats. It has arisen from social development and the new form of work. Nowadays, almost every major city has co-working jobs. In these, most of them do not work at a fixed workplace, but rather where there is still a vacancy. The entire infrastructure is made available, only the work documents and - if necessary - your own computer have to be brought along. Interested people often have jobs in different cities and enjoy maximum flexibility at good conditions.

This flexibility is also important in the business flat-sharing community. Instead of co-working it could be called co-living. A typical resident of such a flat share is between 20 and 40 years old, works in a (bigger) globally oriented company and strives for maximum flexibility. Often these are employees with flexible employment contracts. In other words, these contracts contain very short notice periods or a high probability of a short- to medium-term relocation. For this reason, there is a desire among these persons for similar contracts for the housing situation. Thus, a notice period can easily be set at two weeks instead of the usual three months.

Since hotel rooms are expensive and impersonal, many people prefer to live in a business flat rate. Although the shared apartment rooms are also located in a business group in the upper price segment, there is the possibility of networking across industries. Others value the exchange with their flat mates in a shared apartment and thus being able to switch off from the rigorous daily work routine. Because there are relatively frequent changes compared to other flat-sharing communities, the relationship with the flat mates is often not as close as with other forms of shared flats. But at least one can socialize, in a city where one might not yet be able to build up a social environment.

Shared apartment rooms in business flats are usually furnished, so that their residents do not have to bring their own furniture. This increases flexibility, since there is no need to organize a large relocation. However, it leads to a situation in which family structures are not really built up in a business flat share. However, this is not in the interest of the residents.

The business flat share is the right thing for you in the following case: You call yourself a job nomad. You work regularly at new places of work and are looking for an alternative to impersonal hotels. For a higher degree of flexibility, you are willing to pay a higher price compared to other shared flats, but you will usually also receive a room that is already furnished.